Verjie in Queens

Homeowner since 1994

My wife passed away in 2000. Although it was difficult, I made my monthly mortgage payments by myself until I became ill and fell behind in 2012. I contacted Wells Fargo and requested a loan modification. Wells Fargo rejected my loan modification application and told me that my deceased wife was the only person who could modify the loan. I have spent the last two years begging Wells Fargo to acknowledge that my wife passed away and that I am the sole mortgager. I have tried to tell Wells Fargo that I alone have paid the mortgage for over ten years but Wells Fargo refuses to listen. When I fell behind, I only owed $90,000 on my mortgage. Now I owe close to $140,000 because Wells Fargo is refusing to let me modify. I want Wells Fargo to know that I deserve a principal reduction modification and I am not leaving my home! #ResistWellsFargo

(photo credit: Thomas L. Mariadason)

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