Homeowner since 2006

I live in my home with my wife and our two daughters. I have tried for years to modify my subprime loan, which has an interest rate that varies between 9% and 16%. I was desperate to keep my home. I ended up paying thousands of dollars to private attorneys and rescue scam companies who just took my money and never helped me. I eventually started working with non-profit agencies that tried to help me get a modification. Wells Fargo, however, kept losing my applications and dragged out the process by asking for new and different documents. Because Wells Fargo never timely processed my modification applications, I owe twice as much as what my house is worth. What I want is a principal reduction modification. I want Wells Fargo to know that I will fight until this happens for me and other Resisters! #ResistWellsFargo

(photo credit: Thomas L. Mariadason)

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