Audrey in Brooklyn

Homeowner since 2003

I live in my home with my two sons. I have all but begged Wells Fargo to review me for the Home Affordable Modification Program. I have called them regularly and sent in numerous loan modification applications since I lost my job in 2008. Wells Fargo has just given me the runaround and has never offered to help. In August 2009, Wells Fargo finally offered me a forbearance plan that would have temporarily reduced my monthly mortgage payments. My first payment under this plan was not due until September 1, 2009. On August 27, 2009, however, Wells Fargo foreclosed on my house. I was blown away at how Wells Fargo disregarded our agreement and foreclosed on me anyway. Today, I owe much more than what my house is worth so I am demanding a principal reduction modification from Wells Fargo. I want Wells Fargo to know that I am prepared to fight for my home until the end! #ResistWellsFargo

(photo credit: Thomas L. Mariadason)

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