About Us

FORECLOSURE RESISTERS is a space for us to band together and fight back against the banks and predatory lenders who have yet to take full responsibility for their part in the foreclosure crisis. We organize, educate, and support each other to defend our homes, our lives, and our communities.

Contact Us

  (917) 681-7066 or (718) 763-4301


We educate homeowners who are in foreclosure. Also, we support homeowners by providing court support in New York State Supreme Court. In addition, we advocate in Albany, New York and Washington, D.C. for homeowners' rights. We've also traveled to San Francisco, Detroit, Florida and in our home state of New York to speak at Shareholders Meetings on behalf of homeowners in trouble of losing their homes.

In the same way, Foreclosure Resisters help each other to navigate the maze-like legal system and its endless, destructive foreclosure process. With the help of other allies, we learn how to defend ourselves pro se at foreclosure hearings, and we share that knowledge with others so we can continue fighting together, even after our legal battles are over.



Held from 4pm to 6pm, on the first Saturday of each month (excluding holidays)

The Judson Memorial Center
239 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012


This list represents other groups that help home owners and consumers:

Communities First

We built the strongest network of housing professionals in the nation devoted to stabilizing communities and to building new homeownership opportunities for working families.

New Economy Project

The New Economy Project pursues lasting, transformational change by supporting cooperative and community-controlled development, and by challenging corporations that harm communities and perpetuate inequality and poverty.

New Yorkers for Responsible Lending

Coalition of more than 170 organizations from all corners of New York State that promotes economic justice as a matter of racial and community equity through legislative and policy advocacy, popular education, media advocacy, and organizing campaigns.


Our services include first-time homebuyer education, home maintenance training, affordable home repair lending, landlord training, insurance and resiliency counseling, mortgage help, and tenant services. 

The North Star Fund

North Star Fund brings together a community of New Yorkers who care about social justice, who combine our resources—money, skills and networks—to fund locally-grown movements for change.