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We’re a group of New York City homeowners from various walks of life who have all been impacted by foreclosure in someway.

After the economic collapse in 2008, many of us have lost jobs and income due to predatory loans.

Most of us have faced the shame and agony of foreclosure proceedings for years. No more.

What We Do

The Foreclosure Resisters Team

Foreclosure Resisters help each other to navigate the maze-like legal system and its endless, destructive foreclosure process.

  • We educate homeowners
  • Support homeowners in court
  • Advocate in Albany and Washington, D.C.
  • We provide legal referrals
  • Attend Shareholders meetings for homeowners

Who We Help

Homeowners from 35 to 85 years old.

New homeowners or those on the verge of retiring.

Residents of Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queens.

Those Affected by Foreclosure

The foreclosure process can put people in unbelievably uncomfortable situations, which not only affect their income, but their health and well being as well. Below are the stories of some of the people we've worked with.


"I owe twice as much as what my house is worth"
Alvin | Cambria Heights, Queens

Verjie in Queens

"I have spent the last two years begging Wells Fargo to acknowledge that my wife passed away"
Verjie | Cambria Heights, Queens

Audrey in Brooklyn

"Wells Fargo disregarded our agreement and foreclosed on me anyway"
Audrey | Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

The Spool, and the Compass...

Our story can best be described by the spool and compass, shown in our logo.


The spool of thread signifies our stories, which
we share to create a path for all of us to find our way back home.


The compass helps us to remain focused on our sense of home and community, which guides us through our toughest battles with the legal system.

We Want to Help Save Your Home

Our goal is to stop the foreclosure process on your home, and help you acquire it through legal defense or loan modification.

Lets Work Together